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[News]: Symposium on 1st Anniversary of Establishment of Popular Science Education Committee, CSWA Held in Beijing


2018-09-27 13:55

On September 17, the Popular Science Education Committee, CSWA (hereinafter abbreviated as the Committee) convened a symposium on the 1st anniversary of the establishment of the Committee in Beijing, with a theme of My Heart Goes on in Spite of Eclipse of Time. Such leading experts as Mr. Dong Guangbi, senior researcher of the Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Wang Yusheng, member of the National Education Advisory Committee & former head of China Science and Technology Museum, and researcher Wei Yushan, director of CIPS, and some winners (representatives) attended the symposium. Copy editor Yang Duowen, secretary-general of the Committee, presided over the symposium, during which the attendees appreciated the achievements of the Committee in the field of science education and writing since its inception, expressed their views, and placed high hopes on the development of the Committee in the future.

Attendees were posing for a photo.

The Committee commended units and individuals who had made outstanding contributions to the national popular science education and writing in the past year. A total of 12 comrades, including Jiang Jun and Li Daguang from Anhui Science Writers Association, won the title of Science Education and Writing Model, the “Never-Ending Popular Science Week” team from the Precision Ingenuity Prosperity of University of Science and Technology of China (co-constructed with Anhui Science Writers Association), the Meeting Affairs Group of CSWA for 2017 (led by Anhui Science Writers Association), and the“Junior Navy of University of Science and Technology of China” (led by a member of the Anhui Science Writers Association), had also been commended for their outstanding contributions. Dong Guangbi, Wang Yusheng, and Wei Yushan, etc. issued certificates to the winning units and individuals.

Dai Haiping (3rd from left), Chairman of the Anhui Science Writers Association, received the exemplary team honorary certificate on behalf of the Meeting Affairs Group for 2017.

The Committee, established on September 17, 2017, is affiliated with University of Science and Technology of China and Time Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., with its 63 founding members from 16 provinces and municipalities (regions) as well as the Macao Special Administrative Region. The number of its members, who come from all across China, has been increased from 86 to 254 within a year, constituting a strong force in the field of domestic popular science education. These members have scored fruitful outcomes in the field of popular science education and writing, which are well acclaimed by the public, especially teachers and students from schools and universities.

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