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News: 6th Session of Prospering Popular Science Writing in Support of Innovation and Development Serial Salons - Lecture on An informal Talk on Ecological Photography Held


2018-07-06 12:49

The lecture on An informal Talk on Ecological Photography, organized by Popular Science Photography Committee, China Science Writers Association, was held on April 22, representing the 6th session of the Prospering Popular Science Writing in Support of Innovation and Development Serial Salons under the auspices of China Science Writers Association.

Site of the salon

The lecture was given by Chen Jianwei, a renowned domestic ecological photographer who has elevated ecological photography to a height of ideology and responsibility. Mr. Chen displayed a series of shocking photographs: double-horned hornbills exchanging tokens, lively Guizhou Golden Monkeys, yellow algae covering the Qinghai Lake, desert-devoured villages, skulls of hunted animals, lambs staying close to Lamas, changes in the reef plates in the South China Sea, unfinished plowing projects, ostriches catching flying fish from the air, and snow leopards who appear and disappear mysteriously, etc. His photographs cover a full range of elements, from the vital nature, cute and beautiful creatures, bloody poaching acts, to the devastating environment. Mr. Chen expressed that there was a story behind each photograph, amazing, frightening, staggering and thought-provoking, and that this was what ecological photographers wanted to show to everyone and where their responsibilities lied.

Mr. Chen was displaying his ecological photographs

As a senior photographic device expert in China, Zheng Weijie lectured on From A Green Hand to A Master. He, with his own photographs, explained the types, characteristics of use and skills of use of cameras and lens, e.g., the relationship of the shutter with the speed and photographs, the effects and precautions of polarizers, the control of noises in specific environment, and the artistic features of fish-eye lenses. In addition, he elaborated on the selection of devices for photographers according to their goals of creations and the targeted plans for future development.

Mr. Zheng was explaining popular science photography

The lecturers exchanged their views with the participants actively, and photography enthusiasts from colleges, Photography Association of Veteran Cadres, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tourism Photography Association and photography societies expressed their high praises for this lecture. Meng Xiong, Executive Vice Secretary-General of China Science Writers Association, and Yang Duowen from the Popular Science Education Committee also attended this salon, after which members of the Popular Science Photography Committee summarized this salon and discussed the work of the Committee in the future.

Photographs and text by: Li Bowen from the Popular Science Photography Committee

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