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Notice on Soliciting Contributions for Cross-strait Popular Science Forum


2018-07-06 12:59

Dear Members,

The 2018 Cross-strait Popular Science Forum will be held Chongqing, a beautiful mountain city, in this August, and currently the solicitation of contributions for the Forum has already kicked off. According to the theme and needs of the Forum as mentioned below in Notice on Soliciting Contributions for the 11th Cross-strait Popular Science Forum, all Members may contribute by combining your work, professional backgrounds and interests, etc. We expect your active participation!

China Science Writers Association
May 11, 2018


Notice on Soliciting Contributions for the 11th Cross-strait Popular Science Forum

The 11th Cross-strait Popular Science Forum, sponsored by Chongqing Association for Science and Technology, Fujian Association for Science and Technology, China Science Writers Association, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Gansu Association for Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia Association for Science and Technology, Taiwan’s Science Monthly, Yuan Ze University, Straits Academic and Cultural Exchange Association and China Association for Science and Technology, is to be held in Chongqing in August, 2018. The theme of the Forum is Intelligent Manufacturing· Happy Life - Intelligent Science & Technology and Future Citizens, and we hereby solicit contributions from scientific and technical workers engaged in Science & Technology and Popular Science.

1. Topics of Contributions

A. An Approach to Development Models of the Popular Science Industry Under the Trend of Smart Innovation

B. Intelligent Life in the Era of Internet of Things

C. Smart Technologies and Construction of Ecological Civilizations

D. Cultivation of Talents on Popular Science and Science Fiction

E. Creativity of Popular Science Brand Activities and Their Implementation

F. Design and Implementation of General Courses for Primary and Middle School Students against the Background of New Technologies

2, Requirements on contributions

1.Authors are kindly invited to contribute by focusing on the topics of the Forum and ensure both the authenticity and objectivity of their contributions. Besides, they shall take sole responsibilities for any consequences arising from their contributions.

2. The deadline for contributions, both in print and electronically, shall be July 1, 2018. Please specify Contribution for the 11th Cross-strait Popular Science Forum. The original manuscript shall be kept by the author himself, and the contribution shall not be returned, be it accepted or not.

3. Contributions for the Forum shall be edited and included in CD-ROM format (whether collections of contributions will be published is to be determined). Failure to make special statements to the Forum is deemed as an agreement that the contributions can be edited and included.

4. Science and technology associations and the relevant units at the provincial and municipal levels who will attend the Forum shall be responsible for the organization and solicitation of contributions within their jurisdictions.

3, Requirements on formats of contributions

1. Contributions shall be submitted in full with no more than 5,000 characters, and typed and typeset using A4-sized layout in Word.

2. The structure of the contributions shall be as follows: title, author’s name, author’s affiliation and address, abstract, keywords, text, references, and author’s introduction, etc., where

Abstract: shall not be less than 200 characters,

Keywords: shall be 3-5 in number;

Text: Headings at various levels shall be listed in Arabic numerals, units of measurement used in the text shall be in align with international standards or national standards and written in English, and years, months and dates in the text shall be represented by Arabic numerals;

References: shall be numbered in the order they appear in the text, and written in a standard format;

Author introduction: Specify the author’s name, sex, affiliation, professional title and research area, etc. in not more than 100 characters.

4, Contact

Contact Person: Fu Jiqiang

Tel: 13883125813

E-mail: 42410116@qq.com

Address: Room 10-5 Building A, No. 3 Fortune Park, Fortune Center, Yubei District, Chongqing Other matters not covered herein will be notified in the 2nd round of notification.

Chongqing Association for Science and Technology
April 27, 2018

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