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【News】 National Science Reading Activity in Hepingli No. 4 Primary School


2018-07-16 12:01

On June 6, National Science Reading, an activity under the auspices of China Science Writers Association, was held in Hepingli No. 4 Primary School, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

Pupils from Hepingli No. 4 Primary School were waiting for Mr. Wang Erchao

Wang Erchao, a senior engineer from China Science and Technology Museum, lectured on Reading Astronomy Together - Earth Partners in the Space. With the popular science book Is There An Alien as the introduction, the lecture arose children’s enthusiasm and interests immediately with its lively and passionate start. Wang Erchao, with his exquisite pictures and detailed data, explained and demonstrated to children the mysterious space, during which they interacted with each other actively. Besides, the children posed wonderful and imaginative questions in a steady stream during the Q&A session.

Wang Erchao was signing and presenting Is There An Alien as gifts

Pupils received the books with Wang’s signatures as gifts

The activity, co-organized by Let’s Read Club and Reading Alliance of Beijing Primary and Secondary Schools, was also supported by Books China-Beijing Reading Festival, China Children’s Press & Publication Group, and China Traffic Radio, China National Radio.

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