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Youth Committee-initiated Popular Science Activity in Communities Draws a Large Number of Participants


2019-07-24 14:45

At the invitation of the Shijiapo Community, Kaifu District, Changsha and Changsha Kaifu Mantingchun MOM∧ Service Center, Xu Hai, Chen Hong and Yang Chengying, the three young experts of Popular Science Activity in Communities initiated by the Youth Committee, Hunan Science Writers Association, delivered chemical magic performances and wonderful popular science lectures to children at 9:30 on the morning of July 20, 2019.

The eye-opening activity, hosted by Li Min, Manager of Changsha Kaifu Mantingchun MOM∧ Service Center, attracted many parents and children.

At the outset, Yu Sheng, Party Secretary of the Shijiapo Community, delivered a welcome speech.

He noted:“The three young experts from the Youth Committee, Hunan Science Writers Association have brought wonderful science activities to parents and children at our grassroots community at our invitation, which has not only enhanced children’s interest in exploring scientific knowledge and enabled parents to learn how to face the psychological problems arising from their children’s growth correctly, but also contributed to the community with respect to building socialist spiritual civilization and cultivating a clean, orderly, safe and comfortable living environment.”



Later, Professor Xu Hai, Chairman of the Youth Committee, gave wonderful chemical magic performances, such as “Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream” and “Braised Pig Trotters” to children, and Chen Hong and Yang Chengying lectured both parents and children on popular science.

The activity drew a large crowd, with parents and children interacting with the experts and lecturers enthusiastically.

The children not only rushed to answer the questions from the experts and lecturers, but also consulted the lecturers actively.

After the “Braised Pig Trotters” by Professor Xu Hai and his students, an 8-year-old boy asked Professor Xu Hai curiously: “Water is used to extinguish fire, so why can you burn the foams of the detergent in your hands?”

This was exactly what Xu Hai hoped to do to enlighten the children to explore knowledge through this chemical magic. He answered them loudly with great patience.

In Miss Chen Hong’s lecture on How to Prevent Children from Indulging in Mobile Phones in Summer, some children raised their hands: “What a wonderful lecture! I promise not to play video games again. However, my mother always likes spending time on her mobile phone, so I need to look for a bag to hide her mobile phone.”

In Miss. Yang’s lecture on Garbage Sorting Concerns Us All, she explained in a patient and vivid manner with respect to the opinion that wet diapers should be considered wet instead of dry garbage, which finally convinced all the parents and children.

During the chemical magic interaction, the most exciting section of the activity, the children flocked to surround Professor Xu Hai for the amazing chemical magic.

Professor Xu Hai requested the children to line up and emphasized: “These chemical experiments must be conducted under the guidance of instructors, and you children must not try them at home.”

Not only the boys but also the girls present were vying to try the braised pig trotters.

The activity concluded at 12 a.m., and the Hunan Metropolitan Channel filmed and reported on it.

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