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News: 5th Secretary-General Working Session of 7th National Members’ Congress of China Science Writers Association Held in Beijing


2018-08-19 00:09

On the morning of August 14, 2018, the 5th Secretary-General working session of the 7th National Members’ Congress of China Science Writers Association (CSWA) was held in the Science Class of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chairman Zhou Zhonghe, Vice Chairman Zheng Yongchun, Secretary-General Chen Ling and Vice Secretary-Generals Wang Yuan, Zhang Zhimin, Xia Zhi, Ye Jian and Su Jing attended the session, present at which were also members of the Secretariat. Chairman Zhou presided over the session.

Venue of the sessionM

The session covered such topics as reporting and discussion on the preparations for the 2018 annual meeting of CSWA, reporting of the preparations for the science writing forum of the World Science Quality Conference, reporting of the progress on the evaluations for the 5th CSWA Award for Outstanding Science Works, and adjustments and construction progress in the Journal of CSWA, etc. The attendees were engaged in full discussions after hearing the reports from the Secretariat.

Chairman Zhou participated in the discussions. He affirmed the preparations by the Secretariat to progress the key annual conferences and activities, and delivered three instructions on the annual meeting preparations, award building and Journal-related work of CSWA: first of all, since the annual meeting serves as an important platform for exchanges, cooperations and innovations among members, it is necessary to, on the basis of the existing work plan, continue to optimize it, consider comprehensively and continue to make adjustments and integration. Shenzhen has been selected as the city to host this year’s annual meeting, and therefore, we should make full use of the advantage of Shenzhen’s proximity to Hong Kong and the annual meeting platform to promote exchanges and theoretical discussions on science writings between Hong Kong and Mainland China. In the mean time, since branches of CSWA are its important supportive forces, it is necessary to attract dynamic local groups to participate in our work through the annual meeting. Secondly, the CSWA Award for Outstanding Science Works is the highest honor and brand award of CSWA in the field of science writing. Therefore, we should do a good job in evaluation of works for the award and explore and seek stable sources of reward distribution actively. Thirdly, we should continue to build a good publicity platform for CSWA, improve the construction of its publications, and strengthen the publication, guidance and support of commentaries while prospering original science writings.

Attendees were posing for a photo after the session

At the end of the session, Secretary-General Chen promised that the Secretariat would implement the spirit of the session as soon as possible by progressing the above work items efficiently.

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