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National Science Reading Activity Held in Qinghe Street, Haidian District


2018-09-03 08:43

On August 24, the “National Science Reading” lecture, hosted by China Science Writers Association (CSWA), was held in Qinghe Street, Haidian District of Beijing, attracting more than 80 participants from the representative families from the communities under the jurisdiction of Qinghe Street.

The activity garnered the strong support from the Office of Qinghe Street.

Duan Xu, a museum scholar and science writer, lectured on Svalbard Code - Arctic Science Investigations, theme of this lecture. Drawing from his seven-year comprehensive scientific field investigations, Mr. Duan unveiled this mysterious island by introducing the Svalbard environment, animals, plants, landscapes and historical sites of humans in the Arctic hinterland.

In Mr. Duan’s presentations, the participants were vouchsafed the magnificent scenes of breathing blue whales, lively polar bears, beautiful white whales, and such animals as walruses, seals and whales. Mr. Duan explained that behind the facade of such a large variety of animals, there are more abundant plant resources as the support. In the bitterly cold Svalbard, animals and plants spread the brilliance of life to the polar regions of the earth, prompting us to feel the greatness and tenacity of life.

The lively and passionate lecture, full of beautiful pictures and detailed data courtesy of Mr. Duan, inspired children’s great enthusiasm and interests, and they were all fascinated and listening attentively.

The “National Science Reading” activity is hosted by CSWA, and by relying the high-quality science and writer resources from the 24 professional committees of CSWA, spreads excellent science works to the grassroots levels, introduces scientific writings to schools, and promotes scientific reading nationwide. Through the activity, community residents can have access to high-quality popular science lectures at their doorsteps. Moreover, more families and children can feel the proximity of science and technology & popular science, and this can inspire their science and technology innovations through the combination of “popular science lectures” and “reading and sharing”. The activity is rich in content, covering a wide range of fields, such as natural science, humanities, space and aviation, astronomical science, and guidance on reading.

On the one hand, the activity held in street communities helps bring into full play the important roles of the community education platform and the functions of community services. In this summer, the activity, in conjunction with summer social activities for primary and middle school students, promotes the construction of community decorum and deepens the ideological and moral constructions of adolescents. On the other hand, the activity promotes the construction of science and technology culture so that more community families can feel the proximity of science and technology and that excellent science works and writers are available to them.

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